AQUAS Water Shader Set


It was during the development of Buccaneers when we realised, there was no water shader avalable on the asset store, that wqe found suitable for the game. The ones we’ve found were either too heavy on performance for mobiles or just didn’t look good enough, so we decided, we were gonna develop our own water. That’s how AQUAS came to life.

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We created a neat looking water shader that now runs very well on most mobile devices that are current generation. Most devices rfom 2013 and newer have no problem running it. However once we were done with it, we decided to push it a bit further and see how far we can go. We ended up developing a total of nine different water shaders for all sorts of environments and requirements, all types of waters, be it lively or quiet ones.

AQUAS is now a low-cost solution for everyone developing games in Unity on a low budget. It has shaders that have been optimised to work on mobile devices, as well as high quality shaders for desktop and browser games. It has shaders, for quiet waters like lakes and ponds, as well as shaders for lively waters like oceans.​

Here’s a lake, we created using AQUAS:



And here’s an island environment:


Desert environment



Depth based color absorption and transparency fade




Multi Light Support


Dual-Layered Caustics


Wet Lens Effect


Underwater Effects



The shaders in AQUAS are designed in a way to keep your creativity flowing, thus limiting factors have been kept to a minimum, while customisability was one of the most important aspects during development (besides ease of use).​


The arctic scene shows the mobile shader. It has most of the features, but is stripped of actual refraction and color absorption for better performance. It uses different colors for shallow and deep water, to give the impression of color absorption.​

Mobile Shaders




Feature Video

Documentation and video tutorials HERE >>


Check out the previews:

WebGL RTS Style Demo >>


Download Standalone Demos:

Island Scene | Desert Scene


Mobile Demo:
Download Demo APK>>


The benefits of AQUAS in a nutshell:

  • Rendering
    • Multi-Light-Support
    • Distorted Realtime Reflections
    • Realtime Refraction
    • Depth Based Color Absorption
    • Self-Sustaining Fog System, that works with any custom lighting
    • Dual-layered caustic effects
  • Underwater Effects
    • Limited & Distorted vision
    • Bloom, Blur & Godrays
    • 3D Morphing Bubbles
    • Realistic Bubble Spawner
    • Advanced Wet Lens Effect
    • Supports multiple water levels
  • Ease of Use
    • Works out of the box (Demo Scene included)
    • Highly customizable
    • Quick Setup
    • Full Gaia integration
  • 9 shaders instead of 1
  • Supports all Platforms except Windows Phone
  • Fits all Environments
  • Full Source Code Included
  • Low Cost


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Change Log:



  • Fixed a bug that caused a null reference exception, when an individual image effect was missing
  • Optimized performance by caching as many method calls as possible v1.2.1


  • Added full support for deferred rendering in underwater mode
  • Removed the requirement to use all image effects in underwater mode. Individual image effects can now be removed safely.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a performance drop when diving into the water.
  • Added an “interface” for custom underwater actions. Information on whether the player is underwater can now be easily accessed and the wet lens effect can be triggered at will.


  • Added dual layerd caustics with custom shader (controllable)
  • Added support for multiple water levels (circular and squared planes)
  • Improved underwater effects based on Unity’s image effect System
  • Added fully controllable bubble spawner that spawns 3D morphing bubbles
  • Improved wet lens effect
  • Added full Gaia integration
  • Added Quick Setup window
  • Added fog module to the non-mobile shaders to work with fog systems that rely on the z-buffer (e.g. TOD & Tenkoku)
  • Added splash sounds
  • Changed minimum Unity version from 5.2.3 to 5.2.1


  • Changed minimum Unity requirement from 5.3 to 5.2.3